More about Tortuga Inn
We strive to create a peaceful environment for our guests..
From the beginning of Tortuga Inn, I had made choices in the quality of the food  and
products I use. The Inn is located along the Tippecanoe River and I am very conscious
of natural habitats. I want to preserve this natural area for future generations.

Art Classes available, and group workshops available. Studio space available  and
dorm facility for artists  retreats available from May until October depending on
availability. Come to the country to have peaceful, relaxing atmosphere conducive for
Our frequent daily visitor at
Tortuga Inn
Tortuga's pathway to the relaxing river
seating area.   
Sandhill Cranes on the farm
Bird Nesting Spirit House
Tortuga Inn View from our Sculpture Park
Pathway to the East Deck Sitting
Early Morning Summer Sunrise at Tortuga
Tortuga Inn is a wonderful lush area in the middle of Indiana corn fields...a
jewel in the Midwest. Peaceful and full of earthly sounds from the morning
doves to the evening tree frogs.... sit and overlook the Tippecanoe river...
watch the water flow......it's Indiana's best kept secret...